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Atlos Sparagaria is a catalan Running Team founded by marathoners Joan Llopart and Isabel Puig in Esparreguera, a small town near Barcelona, Catalonia.

Joan Llopart Moragas (28/03/1960)

  • Alpinist before to be a runner, he has gained thousands miles in their legs, resistance races over 100 kms. especially on the road and track and he is in love with 42.195 mts.
  • He has climbed Pyrenees, volcanoes in Mexico, the Alps and the Andes (Aconcagua).
  • He becomes a member of Seven Continents Club when he finished a marathon on each continent.
  • His favorite race is the Matagalls-Montserrat which makes it since 1984.

Isabel Puig Torrents (19/11/1950)

  • Runner and marathonian since 1993, she has completed 39 marathons and several resistance races like Montserrat-Reus, NĂºria-Queralt or Matagalls-Montserrat.
  • She has climbed in Pyrenees, volcanoes in Mexico and the Andes (Aconcagua).
  • She was the first Catalan and Spanish woman to complete a marathon on every continent, so she is a member of Seven Continents Club.